Sustamid 66 MoS2

SUSTAMID 66 is an extruded general purpose nylon (Polyamide 66). Nylon is one of the original engineering plastics and is still today the material of choice for many bearing and wear applications. Due to its unique combination of physical properties such as toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and light weight, SUSTAMID 66 is regularly machined into parts to replace bronze, brass, steel and aluminum. SUSTAMID 66 MoS is enhanced with molybdenum 2 disulfide and provides a lower coefficient of friction and improved wear resistance. SUSTAMID 66 GF 30 is reinforced with 30% glass fibers and offers higher tensile strength, flexural strength and superior abrasion resistance.

Product Features

  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Very easy to fabricate
  • High strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
  • Good impact strength at low temperature
  • Continuous use temperature of 220°F
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to alkalies and oxidizing agents
  • Light weight (approx 1/8 vs bronze)
  • Natural is FDA and USDA

Typical Properties of Stock Shapes

PropertyUnitsTest MethodValue NaturalValue MoS2Value GF 30
Specific Gravity-ASTM D 7921.141.151.34
Water Absorption 24 hrs%ASTM D 570110.7
Water Absorption Saturation%ASTM D 5708.58.55.5
Flammability-UL 94HBHBHB
Tensile StrengthpsiASTM D 63812,00012,00022,500
Elongation%ASTM D 63840256
ModuluspsiASTM D 638400,000450,0001,200,000
Flexural StrengthpsiASTM D 79015,00017,00026,000
ModuluspsiASTM D 790420,000460,0001,100,000
Notched Izodft-lb/inASTM D 2560.60.61.5
Rockwell Hardness-ASTM D 785M85M85M101
HDT @ 264 psi°FASTM D 648195195380
Coefficient Linear Thermal expansionin/in/°FASTM D 6964.50 X 10-54.0 x 10-51.7 x 10-5
Dielectric StrengthV / milASTM D 149350350350
Volume Resistivityohm-cmASTM D 257>1013>1013>1013
Dielectric Constant-ASTM D 1503.83.83.5


Typical Applications

  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Rollers
  • Manifolds
  • Gears
  • Sprockets
  • Sheaves
  • Insulators
  • Wear Components


  • ASTM D4066 PA 0111
  • ASTM D6779
  • Natural is FDA and USDA