Quadrant EPP Nylatron® GF30, Type 66

Data provided by Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Physical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Specific Gravity1.29 g/cc0.0466 lb/in³ ASTM D792
Water Absorption0.3 %0.3 % Immersion, 24hr; ASTM D570(2)
Water Absorption at Saturation5.5 %5.5 % Immersion; ASTM D570(2)

Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Rockwell M7575 ASTM D785
Tensile Strength, Ultimate93.1 MPa13500 psi ASTM D638
Elongation at Break5 %5 % ASTM D638
Tensile Modulus4.65 GPa675 ksi ASTM D638
Flexural Modulus4.48 GPa650 ksi ASTM D790
Flexural Yield Strength145 MPa21000 psi ASTM D790
Compressive Strength124 MPa18000 psi 10% Def.; ASTM D695
Compressive Modulus4.14 GPa600 ksi ASTM D695

Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength13.8 kV/mm350 V/mil Short Term; ASTM D149

Thermal Properties
CTE, linear 68°F36 µm/m-°C20 µin/in-°F (-40°F to 300°F); ASTM E831
Thermal Conductivity0.245 W/m-K1.7 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F ASTM F433
Melting Point260 °C500 °F Crystalline, Peak; ASTM D3418
Maximum Service Temperature, Air104 °C220 °F Long Term
Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi)204 °C400 °F ASTM D648
Flammability, UL94 (Estimated Rating)V-2V-2 1/8 inch

Qualitative Processing Properties
Compliance - FDANot Compliant 
Machinability4 1-10, 1=Easier to Machine
Service in AlcoholsLimited 
Service in Aliphatic HydrocarbonsAcceptable 
Service in Aromatic HydrocarbonsAcceptable 
Service in Chlorinated SolventsLimited 
Service in EthersAcceptable 
Service in KetonesAcceptable 
Service in Strong AcidsUnacceptable 
Service in Strong AlkaliesUnacceptable 
Service in SunlightLimited 
Service in Weak AcidsLimited 
Service in Weak AlkaliesLimited