Dibond® Product Information

DIBOND® is an environmentally conscious aluminum composite panel with excellent properties for indoor and outdoor applications.

The composite panel for people with ideas


DIBOND®–a brand name world-wide for a pioneering aluminium composite panel concept:

The stove-lacquered cover sheet on the front side and the mill-finish or stove-lacquered cover sheet on the reverse side are produced in a continuous finishing process.

The result is a light-weight composite panel with excellent product properties for indoor and outdoor applications – a material for creative planners and technicians with unlimited possibilities for visionaries and pragmatics. And last but not least, an environment-conscious decision, where the price and performance ratio is balanced.

DIBOND®–for people with ideas.

Technical Data

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Cover sheet thickness [mm] 0.3
Weight [kg/m2] 2.90 3.80 4.75 6.60
Standard formats [W x H]
1000 x 2050 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
1250 x 3050 mm
1250 x 4050 mm
1500 x 3050 mm
1500 x 4050 mm
1500 x 5050 mm
1500 x 6250 mm

Due to the production process, adisplacement of the cover sheets of max. 2mm to one side may occur along the longer sides of the panels.

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Core 0.92
polyethylene, type LDPE [g/cm3]
lacquering modified polyester lacquer system
brilliance (initial value) 30 – 85 % accord. to Gardner
hardness (pencil hardness) H
Standard colours and surface finishes see DIBOND®The Colours
Delivered with protective foil
Temperature resistance from – 50°to + 80°C
UV stability very good

The composite panel for creative processing


The low weight, excellent flatness and flexural stiffness are valued properties for foto mounting and screen printing – they stand by no means in contradiction to the unlimited possibilities for forming and joining, for example, in the design and usage of exhibition stands and display panels. A variety of special profiles in aluminium and accessories are included in the delivery program; detailed information on machining, technical data sheets and samples round off the program. Please ask for our additional documentation on:

  • product information
  • processing
  • the colours
  • documentation file
  • CD ROM
  • original colour samples

Technical Specifications

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Technical properties
moment of inertia I [cm4/m] 0.049 0.123 0.231 0.548
section modulus W [cm3/m] 0.51 0.81 1.11 1.71
rigidity E·J [kNcm2/m] 345 865 1620 3840
alloy/condition of the cover sheets EN AW-5005A (AIMg1), H44
modulus of elasticity [N/mm2] 70,000
tensile strength of the cover sheets [N/mm2] Rm:145 – 185
0,2% proof stress [N/mm2] Rp0,2:110 – 175
elongation A50>_3%
linear thermal expansion 2.4 mm/m at 100°C temperature difference
Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Acoustical properties 0.05
sound absorption
factor αs
Airborne sound 23 24 25 26
insulation indexRw [dB]
loss factor d 0.0048 0.0057 0.0072 0.0102
Thermal properties
thermal resistance 1/Λ [m2K/W] 0.0047 0.0080 0.0113 0.0180
heat transition 5.72 5.61 5.50 5.30
coefficient k [W/m2K]
water absorption [%] 0.01
static charge no antistatic treatment necessary

The composite panel for fair stand design


"Avoid, reduce, recycle" is the motto for the builder of fair stands – an insight that leads to increased modular and system design, but however, in the case of single stands, also mainly takes modular stand elements and wall panels, picture backings, ceiling constructions and 3-dimensional display and product presenters into consideration. DIBOND® convinces the creative builder of fair stands of its dimensional stability, reusability and wide range of processing and machining possibilities. Its excellent lacquering and screen-printing properties as well as the laminated foil qualities invite the use of colour and individual surface profiling. Full surface foil replacement does not even leave a mark on the lacquer finish. DIBOND® stands for unlimited freedom in design and guarantees long life.

DIBOND® fair stand qualities

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Weight [kg/m2] 2.90 3.80 4.75 6.60
Europanel, standardheight 2500 mm

The composite panel for signmaking


Irrespective of whether large sized wall surfaces for advertising at the airport or in shopping centres are concerned, company notice boards for the exterior or pylon columns, all the decision-making criteria relevant for the builder or designer speak out in favour of DIBOND®. The screen printer, for example, appreciates the excellent flatness and the smooth surface when it comes to his requirement for accurate register alignment and high resolution half-tone screen printing.

Comparison of thickness and weight at equal flexural stiffness


The composite panel for POS / POP / Display


Being able to display and present products and services in a clever way at the point of sale impresses the customer and onlooker on an emotional level. Highly imaginative or even bizarre elements can produce a suggestive effect. With DIBOND® the designer discovers a material that besides filling functional and technical demands, allows optimum freedom, and highlights the product and the brand without the urge to dominate itself.

Three-dimensional forms can be achieved by means of folding and bending. Stands and supports can be joined permanently using rivets, screws, hot-air welding or glueing.

DIBOND® display qualities

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Rigidity E·J [kNm2/m] 0.034 0.086 0.160 0.384
Modulus of elasticity E 70,000 N/mm2
Tensile strength of cover sheets Rm:165 N/mm2

The composite panel for foto mounting


A picture tells more than 1,000 words, especially a large-sized photo. And wherever the artistic property of the picture frame effectively accentuates the picture, the backing material gains a particular significance for its commercial application. If, for example, the reverse side of the panel is used for laminating, the lacquered front side sets off the overall aesthetic appearance in a special way for exhibits that stand or hang on their own. Whether a digital print or photo reproduction is concerned, you will discover DIBOND® to be a backing for the highest demands. Excellent flatness and a flawless surface finish enable problem-free mounting with adhesive foil or sprayed adhesives.

DIBOND® enlarged photo laminate qualities

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Water absorbtion DIN 53495 [%] 0.01
Linear thermal expansion 2.4 mm/m at 100°C temperature difference
Static charge No antistatic treatment necessary

The composite panel for shop design


The aspect that people enjoy most of all when shopping is seeking and finding a certain item. It is the "finding out who's got it" search for a shop that stocks the specific item one is looking for and the atmosphere that one enjoys. Architecture and interior design provide the frame conditions; material and aesthetics are responsible for the formal compactness. Here, the application of DIBOND® is favoured for displays, partitions or for cladding counters and goods containers. A variety of profiles and fixation elements round off the entire program.

The composite panel for industry


DIBOND®composite panels are also fully in trend for industrial applications. The reason for this development is due to several excellent properties:

a) its lightness
b) its comparably high rigidity
c) its very good sound-absorbing properties

Furthermore, due to its strong durability, excellent processing and machining possibilities and its full recycling ability,DIBOND® is a suitable material for a great many industrial applications.

DIBOND® thermal properties

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Thermal resistance1/Λ [m2K/W] 0.0047 0.0080 0.0113 0.0180
Heat transition coefficient k [W/m2K] 5.72 5.61 5.50 5.30
Temperature resistance from – 50°to + 80°C

The composite panel for transporting


"Quicker, lighter, further" so the economic principle behind transport – irrespective of whether the transport is by air, sea, road or rail. The ideal material is aluminium and together with it, the aluminium composite panel for installations and superstructures, special accessories, cases and boxes. Since DIBOND® has an absorbing effect on vibration and sound besides its basic properties, and since its technological qualities are favoured when it comes to economic alternatives to conventional panel materials, and since the price/performance ratio plays a decisive – and in the true sense of the word – bearing role...

DIBOND® sound-absorbing properties

Panel thickness [mm] 2 3 4 6
Acoustical absorption αs 0.05
Airborne sound insulation index Rw
(accord. toISO 717-1)
[dB] 23 24 25 26
Loss factor d 0.0048 0.0057 0.0072 0.0102