Laminating Fome-Cor® & Gator™ Products

Laminating and mounting are terms that are often times interchanged, however for this document laminating is defined as an application of placing a covering (film or liquid) over a mounted item to either protect the graphic or provide a certain appearance i.e. matte or glossy finish. Mounting is the attachment of a graphic to a substrate. A graphic can be placed on paper, foil, plastic or fabric for mounting to the substrate.


Laminating information is provided for the products listed below. Products marked with an “*” do not have a recommended application for lamination.

Fome-Cor® ProductsGator™ Products
Fome-Cor® BoardGatorfoam®
Specialty ProductsSpecialty Products
Acid-Free Fome-Cor® Board - *GatorLite™
Heat-Activated Fome-Cor® BoardGatorplast®
Self-Adhesive Fome-Cor® BoardGatorblanks®
JetPrint Board™ 

Laminating to change the appearance of the graphic is very much a designer’s choice. Lamination as a protection has the consideration of “Protection from what?”. Fome-Cor and all but two of the Gator Products are wood-fiber material and moisture can affect these products. The paper-faced liners in Fome-Cor and the thinner thicknesses are more affected by moisture uptake. The larger the graphic and a closer proximity of the graphic to moisture, the more likely the project should be specified with a laminate on both sides. The manmade wood fibered veneer that face all but two of the Gator Products (Gatorplast and Gatorblanks), can be affected by moisture, but not the same as the paper-faced Fome-Cor. Gator Products are less affected because of the resin-impregnated veneer and increased thicknesses up to 3”. Same considerations still come into play, size of graphic and proximity to moisture may require lamination on both sides. Balancing the sheet is always advisable for best protection.

Gatorblanks (bare foam sheets) and Gatorplast are not affected by moisture but are heat sensitive. Graphics that are close to heat may not make Gatorblanks or Gatorplast the appropriate substrate. Lamination materials are typically also affected by heat and many not solve this issue.

This information is provided as general information. Manufacturers of lamination products will provide instructions that should be followed to obtain the proper application to either Fome-Cor (paper-faced) or Gator (manmade wood veneer or plastic) Products.

Important laminating considerations with any of our products are:

  1. What type of surface am I laminating? Paper, fabric, foil, plastic etc.
  2. What amount of moisture am I laying down to these materials?
  3. What amount of heat am I applying to these materials?
  4. What amount of time is the heat or water going to be next to these products?
  5. What chemicals are involved that could affect the materials? ie solvents etc.

Based on your answers to these questions you can select the suitable method of lamination.

Fome-Cor Products:

All of the Fome-Cor products can be laminated. The only exclusion is Acid-Free Fome-Cor. Acid-Free could be laminated but then would not meet the requirements for conservation framing.

Gator Products:

All of the Gator products can be laminated.

Additional product/technical support documents are available from this service, including:

  • Product Information Sheets – describing the features and benefits of each graphic arts board in the Fome-Cor and Gator™ board lines and designed to aid in your product selection/specification process. Products available include:
    Fome-Cor Product LineGator Product Line
    1. Fome-Cor®
    2. Acid-Free Fome-Cor
    3. Heat-Activated Fome-Cor
    4. Self-Adhesive Fome-Cor
    5. JetMount®
    6. JetPrint Board™
    7. ValuBoard™
    1. Gatorfoam®
    2. GatorLite™
    3. Gatorplast®
    4. Gatorblanks®
  • Technical Bulletins – describing the following decorating/fabricating techniques that may be used with Gator and Fome-Cor board products:
    1. Direct Printing and Painting
    2. Mounting
    3. Laminating
    4. Cutting
    5. Die cutting/Embossing
    6. Framing
  • Products for Use – describing other manufacturers’ products that are recommended for use with Gator and Fome-Cor boards.